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In true Italian tradition

A Taste of Traditional Sicilian Food

In true Italian tradition, food is as important on the island as it is on the mainland and is an integral part of family and community life. Celebrated throughout the year, different products are revered and appreciated as strongly today as they ever were.

The main crop on the island is durum wheat, which is used to make high quality pasta. The grain is also milled to make the fine semolina flour, used in many of the Sicilian breads that are made using the long fermentation method which aims to achieve the complex texture and intense flavour so unique to Italian dough.<br cheap iphone 5 />

Caponata is a traditional accompaniment to an antipasti selection and is made from the island’s most common vegetable, the aubergine, which is stewed with tomatoes, capers and vinegar. Aubergine is also teamed with smoked mozzarella in one of the famous pasta dishes on the island, Pasta alla Norma.

Pasta is not the only staple here though, with couscous samsung galaxy also being a firm favourite. Influenced by African flavours, couscous is often served with seafood and tomatoes, to make one of the most delicious combinations on the menu. Wild fennel and anchovies on spaghetti is a popular dish, and sardines stuffed with capers are also a common feature at a Sicilian table.

All meals are complemented by the ubiquitous olive oil, which is often enjoyed simply served with some bread and cheese, such as caciocavallo or pecorino. The cheeses were originally made primarily from goat and sheep’s milk but today with more and more cattle farmed on the island cow’s milk cheeses are becoming more popular. Flavoured with hints of wild oregano, sorrel, fennel, mint and rosemary, on which the cows feed, the cheeses are also distinctive in colour and texture. Cheese would not be complete without wine, and the island boasts some fine Italian grape varieties including the red grape, Nero d’avola.

Ice creams, pastries and other Sicilian sweet treats are all influenced by the honey, nuts and dried fruits that were originally introduced by the Arabs. Almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts and citrus fruits are all grown on the island and used in abundance in the desserts on every menu.

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