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through gentle activity

At 3,500 metres above sea level, Namche Bazaar is located just above the point at which altitude sickness becomes a risk, and cheap iphone 5 is thus ideally situated for the acclimatisation necessary before continuing on the Everest Base Camp trek. For this reason, it receives a high amount of traffic on the region’s various trekking routes, which has helped it to grow from a small mountain trading post to the still relatively small, yet bustling, trekkers’ crossroads it is today. Built at a slope into the concave mountainside, it bears some resemblance to an amphitheatre, and commands breathtaking views of the surrounding Himalayan foothills. While it may have been tourism that has helped Namche Bazaar to prosper and lent it a cosmopolitan feel, it still retains plenty of its regional character.


If you are visiting Namche Bazaar on your Everest Base Camp trek, you will most likely arrive by trekking from Lukla, usually over two days in order to aid acclimatisation. With its plethora of hotels and shops, currency exchanges, and many good eateries offering a range of food, it is easy to settle in. While staying in Namche Bazaar, most prefer to wear warm clothes as it is cold most of the year round and remains cool all through the summer. There will be plenty of opportunities to buy jumpers and other warm gear in the shops, which are also useful for any last minute trekking purchases – although be sure to check the quality of what you buy.

What to Do

Aside from taking some time to enjoy the cafés and restaurants, or strolling through the streets to soak up the atmosphere, there is plenty to keep the traveller occupied in Namche Bazaar before continuing on their Everest Base Camp trek – including the informative Museum of Sherpa Life and the Museum of Tibetan Herbal Medicine. Namche Market, which takes place on Saturday mornings, lets visitors see Sherpa commerce in action. You may wish to read a book at samsung galaxy the Sherpa Library, or go for a short trek. Good acclimatisation is best achieved through gentle activity, and Namche Bazaar offers a range of walks that fit the bill.

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